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Prize giving and social evening

Sunday 25 February at the Forfar Rugby Club.

We have our annual prize giving and social event this Sunday at the Forfar Rugby club with a buffet dinner, some drinks and banter between members of the Forfar Sailing and Watersports club. We hope that many of our sailors and rowers that attend will have a great evening and are looking forward to a great year of using the Loch.

We are always looking for short stories related to the club, if this is from a day on the water or a day away, visiting other clubs or just seen a great skiff or sailing boat while out please, send us a paragraph with or without some photo’s. We can then place them on the website, Facebook or Mail shot (if you want to restrict this to one of these, just let us know).

If you have not already let us know that you want to come along on Sunday, drop us an email or contact one of us. You are more than welcome to come along for a drink and a blether without using the buffet.

Training day

This Sunday (16 April) we have a training day for beginners and anyone that would like a refresher. The syllabus for this first session will be focusing around the initial introduction to sailing with teaching focused on rigging and sailing (with a competent helm/crew) double-hander boats. The plan will be to use the club Wanderer, Feva’s or members’ own double-hander boats.

Boats away

Last Sunday we took ours and members’ boat away into the shed for winter. The day before we did a bit of rescuing as the water level on the Loch had risen by about 6 Feet. Here are some photos from before and on the day

And the next day there was even more…

“Sticks ?‍♀️ and Rags ⛵️ on Forfar Loch”

The FSC Midsummer Madness – a day of fun in the sun on Forfar Loch dawned cloudy and blustery with the threat of a shower or two. The North Queens Ferry visitors arrived first with the St Andrews visitors not long behind and the weather was soon forgotten as the skiffs were prepped and launched and after a coffee and cake the first crews took to the water.

As the day progressed the visitors utilised the hosts and other Forfonians on the oars who where all willing crews and very little pressing was needed. Once the skiffs had been tried some of the sailors took to the water for a blast in the blustery north eastish-north westish breeze with some exciting reaching getting the sail dinghies planning nicely, with only yours truly wetting his sail.

A rowing skiff seen through some grass on the shore, the name 'Blue Bay' and number 122 at the bow. 4 rowers and a cox

As the afternoon drew on the gauntlet was thrown and what can be thought of as the Inaugural Forfar Skiff race (now there’s an honour) saw a St Andrews vs North Queens Ferry race start with St Andrews making a powerful start and leading to the turning buoy, an admirable effort from the N Queens crew saw them close the gap on the turn but not quite able to drive the power through on the second half to over take the St Andrews team who finished first – well done. No prizes (this time) but bragging rights for the First Skiff to win a race on Forfar Loch go to St Andrews. ?

This was a great day with lots of people on the water and at the club, huge thanks to the visiting clubs we are very grateful and with the opportunity to chat to other local skiff clubs the beginnings of new club relationships and friendships have been commenced. As always thanks to FSC members for the great showing on the cake front and come down to try ‘pulling the sticks’.

rowing a skiff

Here is a video of some of us rowing a visiting skiff, want to find out more? Come and see us this Sunday (19-06) when there are more skiffs to see. Coffee and tea will be available, with a piece of cake or a biscuit.

A visiting skiff with members of the sailing and water sports club having a go.

The Topper Ladder

The club’s topper ladder is intended to be a fun competition that anyone and everyone can participate in.
It is separate from all other cups and competitions so even if you don’t want to commit to a points series you can still join in the ladder and sail as little or as often as you like. 
The ladder will created by drawing the names of those interested out of a hat. Those not  interested at this time may join the bottom of the ladder whenever  the fancy takes them.
Once on the ladder you may challenge anyone up to three places above you. They have ten days to agree a match. If they can’t commit you swop places.
If you win you swop places. There is no penalty for losing ( and trying) you just both remain in your positions.
The ladder was dreamed up to encourage friendly competition and to take the place of the Thursday pursuit racing although you can obviously sail whenever it suits both parties. 
Please be aware that although this is a fun event normal basic racing rules apply i.e. no collisions. 
The decision to sail and the safety aspect is the responsibility of the participants. 
Cadets must be accompanied by a responsible adult who obviously will make the appropriate decisions
It might be that both participants agree to race in a different boat , lasers for example, although the Topper should be given priority. 
There will be a ladder at the club and possibly on line ( to be decided )
That will be the only admin required

Please come along to the General meeting on the 24th March at 14:30, both to support the club and to pass comment on this venture.
Tony Cook