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“Sticks ?‍♀️ and Rags ⛵️ on Forfar Loch”

The FSC Midsummer Madness – a day of fun in the sun on Forfar Loch dawned cloudy and blustery with the threat of a shower or two. The North Queens Ferry visitors arrived first with the St Andrews visitors not long behind and the weather was soon forgotten as the skiffs were prepped and launched and after a coffee and cake the first crews took to the water.

As the day progressed the visitors utilised the hosts and other Forfonians on the oars who where all willing crews and very little pressing was needed. Once the skiffs had been tried some of the sailors took to the water for a blast in the blustery north eastish-north westish breeze with some exciting reaching getting the sail dinghies planning nicely, with only yours truly wetting his sail.

A rowing skiff seen through some grass on the shore, the name 'Blue Bay' and number 122 at the bow. 4 rowers and a cox

As the afternoon drew on the gauntlet was thrown and what can be thought of as the Inaugural Forfar Skiff race (now there’s an honour) saw a St Andrews vs North Queens Ferry race start with St Andrews making a powerful start and leading to the turning buoy, an admirable effort from the N Queens crew saw them close the gap on the turn but not quite able to drive the power through on the second half to over take the St Andrews team who finished first – well done. No prizes (this time) but bragging rights for the First Skiff to win a race on Forfar Loch go to St Andrews. ?

This was a great day with lots of people on the water and at the club, huge thanks to the visiting clubs we are very grateful and with the opportunity to chat to other local skiff clubs the beginnings of new club relationships and friendships have been commenced. As always thanks to FSC members for the great showing on the cake front and come down to try ‘pulling the sticks’.

rowing a skiff

Here is a video of some of us rowing a visiting skiff, want to find out more? Come and see us this Sunday (19-06) when there are more skiffs to see. Coffee and tea will be available, with a piece of cake or a biscuit.

A visiting skiff with members of the sailing and water sports club having a go.

MarkSetBot Introduces Hit-Mark Penalty System

(from Scuttlebutt Sailing News)
“Hey!  You hit the mark!  Do your turns!” 
“No way, man!  I didn’t hit the mark!” There’s always that one guy on the course who definitely hit the mark, but never wants to take the penalty.  With MarkSetBot SplatterBeta, it’s not a problem anymore! The MarkSetBot team is thrilled to announce its latest race course innovation: a hit-mark penalty system, MarkSetBot Splatter.  Now, you can equip your MarkSetBot buoys with dye pack technology and stop the “did we hit the mark” question for good. Through a sophisticated network of low-latency sensors, MarkSetBot’s hit-mark technology accurately recognizes contact – from a slight brush of the mark to a head-on collision – and with a boom, deploys the dye pack.  Forty-seven ultrasonic nozzles receive sensor inputs 400 times per second and stand ready to punish no matter the location of impact.  Notably, they adjust dynamically to direct the splatter at only the offending boat.  A 360-degree camera add-on records the moment of impact and instantly uploads it to the Wall of Shame. MarkSetBot’s proprietary, non-toxic, biodegradable dye easily washes off fiberglass and sailcloth with a simple water rinse, but it bonds with skin for days.  So, sailors take note.  Let’s see some clean roundings or find your way to a Blue Man Group audition. “When I first pitched MarkSetBot Splatter to the team, our CEO said ‘I love it, but won’t people be upset when we ruin their sails with dye?’  He had a good point.  So I watched a lot of Bill Nye videos, learned the finer points of chemistry and developed our washable dye.  I managed to make it washable on all surfaces except skin,” snickered Jim Thompson, chief engineer of MarkSetBot Splatter. – Full report

AUSC event cancelled

Dear members,

Just to inform you that AUSC has made the difficult decision to cancel/postpone their event next weekend due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Thank you to everyone involved in the preparation and all your offers of help, soup and bakes for the event.

AUSC Commodore, James Chapman, wanted to pass on his thanks from their whole club and the would-be-competitors, for our efforts in preparing to help us host the national championships, everyone was looking forward to the cooking that is remembered very well from the previous event.

Meanwhile, the Committee will continue to monitor the latest government advice and will let you know any further changes or plans relating to club events over the coming weeks due to the coronavirus.
All the best,
FSC Commodore

Race report

Aberdeen University team race event

All Members,

Aberdeen University are planning to host a beginners Team Race Training event on the 30/31st March. Teams are of 6 people all welcome.

Here is the link for AUSC’s beginner TR event.

All the Best

Mark K

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