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Incoming Commodore statement: –

Good evening,

As I write this, parties are being cancelled and we are being asked to consider social situations we attend due to the rapidly evolving Omicron variant. Who would have thought, as a society that we would still be in this position nearly 2 years from the initial reports from Wuhan? Certainly not our outgoing commodore, Helen Brown I am sure. Over her tenure she has maintained the club in what has been the most unusual situation in is 60 years, regrettably having to spend as much (if not more) of her time considering COVID in the context of sailing than sailing. I and the rest of the committee thank her for her sterling work and hope that over the coming season she has the opportunity to enjoy recreational sailing at the club.

I have been a member of the club for around six years now (and secretary for much of that), over that time what has remained a constant is the friendly and approachable members FSC is blessed with. It is this, I believe that sets our small club apart from larger ones. It enables us to respond to our membership rapidly and while we offer a sailing programme, with notice and planning we can offer other activities in response to our members. I would encourage you all to be a part of this and if there is something you feel is missing from the program – let one of the committee members know if you have an idea for a special event (club members only or open to others in the community) – again contact the committee. While we encourage you all to consider joining the committee what is also important is that you communicate with us so the club can adapt to the needs of the membership. What is always a surprise to me is the number of Forfonians (and surrounds) that are not aware that sailing occurs on The Loch, so please tell your friends and family, bring them down (liaise with the committee if you would like help enabling them to get out on the water) – our most valuable recruitment tool is you and your word of mouth.

Over the next few months while the boats rest the committee will be developing a program and ensuring the club is ready to go next spring. The University will be out on the water, in their new fleet, team racing – a very different type of racing to club racing they are an approachable bunch and if you are out for a walk over winter and see them sailing stop by, say hi and they a generally happy to explain what is going on. The Skiff project will also be moving forward – watch for further updates of this exciting evolution of water sport on Forfar Loch from our very own Tony Walker. It looks like this Christmas will not be quite the pre-COVID Christmas we all hoped for, but dream of warm waters and fair winds – tell us what you would like from the club next year, stay safe and have a very happy Christmas.

I am sure I echo all members of the club when I thank Helen and the outgoing committee for all their work over the last year and I look forward to working with the incoming committee over the forthcoming year.

Mark Kimber


Building a skiff…

— Skiff at Dundee

Hi All
The Skiff kit arrived at the boat shed this morning on the roof rack of a Beemer!
Tony and Ian unpacked the two boxes and found that all the parts had been cut from the sheets and also numbered, this will save quite a bit of work.
The Christmas lights will be moved out of the shed on Tues, Wed, Thurs next week so we will have to leave access for their removal and the removal of the support frames.

All the cut-out boat parts will need their edges sandpapering to remove the laser dross.

— Ian

Work party update

Thanks for a great turnout yesterday.. a pile of jobs completed:- Skirting board by Dennis. Garage barge boards and third coat! on the gable end by Bill. Starting Horn by Erwin. Outside windows Mark and Seb. Race box first coat by The Scarlet team, scrapyard clearance, trailer sort and half the starting pole base by Seb Half inside window priming by the rest of the team … and that was after RYA poached 12 man-hours by moving their meeting into the start of our afternoon session. 

So we are left with….Undercoat half and gloss all of the inside window frames, Second coat emulsion the race box. finish the Start pole base… it’s in the ladies changing room. Clean and Underseal the Gutters to prevent leaks. And I’ll have to reattach the starting triangle that was removed by a wind opened window!
 The materials are all on sites they can be done at any time.
 If anyone would like to take them.. any of them please let me know and I’ll fill you in with details. 

Thanks for great support, Tony Walker

Saturday 6th November

Work party

This Saturday we are having our work party. If you have some time and can come along to give us a hand, see you at the clubhouse (from around 10:00).
There are always ‘other’ jobs to be done, even if they are not on the maintenance list. If you have ideas to improve the club and can help out to get those ideas into reality, contact us to discuss those.

Endurance race 2021

Forfar Sailing Club – Sunday 5 September

After last week’s successful cadet ‘fun’ regatta with many of the children participating and filling the loch with screams of laughter, last Sunday the Sailing club held their annual endurance race.
The race has not been held for the last year due to Covid and this year was also restricted compared to previous years. This year’s race, as previous, was sailed in groups taking part. There were 3 types of boats on the water, a Wanderer, a Solo and a Laser. The Wanderer was sailed by a team of three, swapping one in and out of the 2-man boat, as was the Laser team although this boat is sailed solo. The Solo was manned by a team of 2.

The wind was not more than a breeze at the start, coming from the West. The course was set to go to the end of the Loch (E, D) over the island to the other side and back down towards town. There, about halfway after the clubhouse spot, the third mark was to be rounded (Z). From here it was back and do the same again. The start was at 13:30, for a 3-hour race. The Wanderer had a great start, followed by the Laser, with the Solo on the opposite side of the water. The Wanderer was the first to round the top mark, flying to the other side and back down before the Laser made it past the mark, later followed by the Solo.

With the wind changing from a decent breeze to hardly any at all, on different places on the Loch, this meant that the Laser and Solo managed to make up time and starting to get closer to the Wanderer. (Due to the handicap system, the Wanderer could ‘lose’ up to almost 6 minutes before they were overtaken by the Laser and Solo. Again, the Solo needs to be almost a minute in front of the Laser to win.)

With the first swap over, the Laser looked to have trouble getting back up to speed, the Solo and Wanderer were all getting closer. The Solo managed to pass the Laser and closed the gap on the Wanderer who was swapping position on the down leg. A quick swap for the Solo team and back in pursuit.

During the next hour, the Solo managed to maintain his first position on the water, not sure what the handicap would give them, and pass the Wanderer. The Laser was also able to overtake the Wanderer but could not make back enough time to get close to the Solo.

After almost 3 hours of sailing the Solo managed to get over the finish line, followed by the Laser and Wanderer. After the calculations where the handicaps were applied this year winners were known. Not much of a surprise, as it was clear from the difference in finishing times, the Solo team are the 2021 winners of the Endurance race.

Team members:
Wanderer: Bill, Conor and Kirsty
Laser: Helen, Jamie and Becci
Solo: Dave and Erwin

Erwin and David holding the trophy (a board with a barometer surrounded with a boat steering wheel 'helm')
David and Erwin after the race as the new endurance race winners.
Race report

Tuesday series 3

Tuesday 3:4 was sailed as a 40 Min Pursuit race, ZFC all on port, in a generally Easterly light 1-2

With the start line significantly misaligned with A mark. Becci in her laser radial was due to start 10 seconds ahead of the solos but using A mark was well down on the line so one solo headed for the line ahead of the laser causing confusion – the second gun @10 sec was assumed by the second solo to be a recall which created an unsatisfactory start. Eventually, Tony, Becci, Erwin, Bill, and Dennis who appeared to be well handicapped on start time came through to eventually take all but Becci on the run to F.

After Tony hit Z in a still mark in a drifting moment and did his turn Becci regained first later in the run but Dennis made good on the beat. Tony almost caught Becci and had to duck on Port within the last 30 sec. Bill enjoyed the sail, however, Erwin did not recover from the starting confusion.
A lovely summer evening, but not for consistent sailing!