Club boats for members

For members who don’t have their own boat, or want to try something different before they commit to buying, the club has a small fleet of boats available for hire at very reasonable rates. Send us an email or speak to a committee member for more information.

These indestructible boats are suitable for younger sailors from around the age of 9. 

As used in the Olympics, the Laser is fast and quite challenging to sail. The club has three Lasers with a selection of rig sizes to suit different crew weights. 

The classic Mirror is an easily handled boat which can be sailed either single or double handed. 

A modern double handed boat equipped with a spinnaker. It is suitable for junior or child and parent crews. 


At 16 feet long, the largest boat in the fleet. It can be sailed double handed but can also take a larger crew, so well suited as family cruising boat. 

For those who would like an extended cruising adventure, this boat has a road trailer, small outboard motor and is insured for use on any UK inland waters. 

Thanks to all the helm, crew and passengers for the photos