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Endurance race 2021

Forfar Sailing Club – Sunday 5 September

After last week’s successful cadet ‘fun’ regatta with many of the children participating and filling the loch with screams of laughter, last Sunday the Sailing club held their annual endurance race.
The race has not been held for the last year due to Covid and this year was also restricted compared to previous years. This year’s race, as previous, was sailed in groups taking part. There were 3 types of boats on the water, a Wanderer, a Solo and a Laser. The Wanderer was sailed by a team of three, swapping one in and out of the 2-man boat, as was the Laser team although this boat is sailed solo. The Solo was manned by a team of 2.

The wind was not more than a breeze at the start, coming from the West. The course was set to go to the end of the Loch (E, D) over the island to the other side and back down towards town. There, about halfway after the clubhouse spot, the third mark was to be rounded (Z). From here it was back and do the same again. The start was at 13:30, for a 3-hour race. The Wanderer had a great start, followed by the Laser, with the Solo on the opposite side of the water. The Wanderer was the first to round the top mark, flying to the other side and back down before the Laser made it past the mark, later followed by the Solo.

With the wind changing from a decent breeze to hardly any at all, on different places on the Loch, this meant that the Laser and Solo managed to make up time and starting to get closer to the Wanderer. (Due to the handicap system, the Wanderer could ‘lose’ up to almost 6 minutes before they were overtaken by the Laser and Solo. Again, the Solo needs to be almost a minute in front of the Laser to win.)

With the first swap over, the Laser looked to have trouble getting back up to speed, the Solo and Wanderer were all getting closer. The Solo managed to pass the Laser and closed the gap on the Wanderer who was swapping position on the down leg. A quick swap for the Solo team and back in pursuit.

During the next hour, the Solo managed to maintain his first position on the water, not sure what the handicap would give them, and pass the Wanderer. The Laser was also able to overtake the Wanderer but could not make back enough time to get close to the Solo.

After almost 3 hours of sailing the Solo managed to get over the finish line, followed by the Laser and Wanderer. After the calculations where the handicaps were applied this year winners were known. Not much of a surprise, as it was clear from the difference in finishing times, the Solo team are the 2021 winners of the Endurance race.

Team members:
Wanderer: Bill, Conor and Kirsty
Laser: Helen, Jamie and Becci
Solo: Dave and Erwin

Erwin and David holding the trophy (a board with a barometer surrounded with a boat steering wheel 'helm')
David and Erwin after the race as the new endurance race winners.

Mid summer regatta

Saturday 19-06-2021, race officer: Sally Heron.
Wind direction: East, 8-11 M/hr
Course: Z-Port, K-Port, F-Starboard, C-Port, D-port, A-Starboard

The sunshine and warmth of the past week had disappeared, but, on the plus side, the wind was a relatively steady easterly F2-3, which was a pleasant surprise after the recent tortures of southerlies. In addition, A pair of osprey put on a show while boats were being readied. The first race saw 8 boats on the water. Two mirrors, two lasers, a solo, a streaker, a solution and an Enterprise. Bill Myles, in his streaker, made the perfect start, followed closely by the rest of the fleet, but the Laser of Jamie Brown made it round the first mark in front of everyone else. After D mark the two lasers went round the top of the loch, while the rest of the fleet came through the gap. On balance, those who came through the gap had a slight advantage. The wind held steady for most of the race and the final result was Becci Oosterhoorn (laser radial) first, Jamie Brown (laser radial) second, Erwin Oosterhoorn (solo) third, Helen Brown (Mirror) fourth.

The second race was also blessed with a decent easterly, and nearly all the fleet made a good start. This meant a mass arrival at the first mark, with much jockeying for position. Dennis Burgin (solution) got away first, and led the race right to the end, followed by the main pack, with the three slower mirrors forming their own pack. After adjustment for handicap, the results were Becci first, Dennis (solution) second, Jamie third and Mark Kimber (laser radial) fourth.

The wind held for the third race, freshening very slightly. This time the entire fleet arrived at the first mark together, resulting in much manoeuvring and at least one incident, resulting in penalty turns for Becci which dropped her back several places. Nevertheless, she pulled ahead of the fleet by the next mark and stayed at the front to the end of the race. After adjusting for handicap Becci was first, Jamie second, Helen Brown (mirror) third. After discards and count back to separate the 5 boats on 12 points.

First: Becci Oosterhoorn Second: Jamie Brown Third: Dennis Burgin Fourth: Helen Brown

Wet and windy, a short race report

Tuesday points 18 May 2021
Race Report
Wind force 0-1 most directions.
Heavily overcast drizzle/rain/thunder
A,G,H,L,K,B,C,D,E,F, All to Starboard
With only one participation it was possible to complete the course without the boat being launched, however as there were no witnesses the result can not be recorded in the series.
Good decision by those who stayed at home.
For covid records I was the only one there!

After all that rain the jetties are nowhere to be found…

Word cloud

Here is a different view of a race report, the full report will still be going out in a mailshot and as a post on the website as well.