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Tuesday evening sail with a close finish.

Last Tuesday’s sail was almost called off, the wind was whipping the shores and made us contemplate if we should go out or not. We decided to go onto the water and ‘see how it goes’. With 4 Lasers and a Solo we did shorten the course to keep within a short distance of each other just in case. After the countdown with 5 seconds to go, Becci capsize. The rest managed to get away (Helen, Jamie, Conor and Erwin) followed shortly after by Becci. Direction C, F, K and G.
All struggled to keep their boat upright, all capsizing at least once, except for Erwin who managed to keep the sail out of the water although he did take on a large amount of water at on stage.
Becci retired halfway due to the strong wind and wanting to keep herself from more damage to her shoulder.
Helen managed to snap the toestrap, but fought back to get alongside Erwin, asking how much longer. The clock showed 39:58,.. 39:59,.. and 40:00 minutes of sailing had passed. Helen had managed to get about half a boat length in front, followed by Erwin and then Jamie less than a boat length behind Erwin. Conor was just into the channel, proving this a close race.

Tuesday pursuit race

Very light winds (F2 and dropping) from the SW meant that much of the south side of the Loch was in shadow. The course was C(port), D(port), K (starboard).
The Feva set off first with a good few minutes start on the faster boats. This week the wind stayed steady during this time and they made good progress towards the gap before the chase was on. The Feva was first to mark D but, as the wind almost died, touched the mark as they floated slowly past. The Solution and Solo caught the Feva on the way to the channel but the Laser with no wind got stuck at D and had 3 attempts before finally rounding the mark.

The Solution kept the lead down to K, whilst the Feva bravely tried to find some wind to fill the gennaker. The Laser got going again but even with a 360 penalty, the Feva stayed well ahead.
The Solution maintained the lead back up to C, with the Solo gradually dropping back. As the final time approached the wind dropped to barely a breath, leaving the Laser no opportunity to catch the Feva.

View over the spit, with the loch dead calm. Sunset has well started.

As the final whistle blew the finishing order was Dennis (Solution), Erwin (Solo), Jamie & Helen (Feva), Becci (Laser Radial). However, the slower boats were ashore and de-rigged before the other two managed to drift their way back from a second trip to mark D!!


1. Dennis (Solution)

2. Erwin (Solo)

3. Jamie & Helen (Feva)

4. Becci (Laser radial)

Pursuit race calculator

Every time again when there are different classes racing and there is not a dedicated race officer, the option of racing a pursuit race is presented. As soon as the different classes are recognised and the times are calculated another sailor arrives with another class to be added.
No more frustrations and re-calculations with up to 14 classes to be included in our homegrown app. (Android only) You can select the race time and the slowest boat to see instantly the starting time for all other classes. Enter your own class or update the PY value. If you are interested in this, drop us an email and we get in contact.