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A present for you

Want to improve your sailing tactics, while staying on dry land? Why not play a sailing game. The following game can be found on the Google Play site, I am sure that you can also find it on the apple site. 

From the app:
Race intense regattas in real time against sailors from all around the world!

Your fleet of inshore yachts includes ultra-fast foiling catamarans, dinghies or cutting-edge monohulls. The short format of racing is identical to the one used for real life competitions, such as the America’s Cup or the Star Sailors League, with a unique virtual umpire who applies the official rules of sailing.

Click the button below to go to the app download site.

Prize giving and meal

Sunday saw us have our annual prize giving meal with some games played, a great meal eaten and prizes for the year handed out.

Prizes lined up on the stage

The prizes awarded during the evening.

The following prizes were awarded on the night:

Tuesday points:
1. Tony Walker, 2. Erwin Oosterhoorn, 3. Tony Cook
1. Helen Brown, 2. Erwin O, 3. Conor Hyland
1. Tony C, 2. Nick Whyte, 3. Conor H

Thursday 1
1. Tony W, 2. Tony C, 3. Sebastian Kimber

1. Tony C, 2. Conor H, 3. Erwin O

1. Malcolm Heron, 2. Tony W, 3. Helen B
1. Malcolm H, 2. Sebastian K, 2. Daniella Levins
1. Tony C, 2. Mark Kimber, 3. Jamie Brown

1. Tony C, 2. Mark K, 3. Helen B

Sunday points:
Malcolm H

Closing regatta Handicap:
Malcolm H

Miller Mirror trophy:
Conor H

Most promising new member:
Jonathan Treffry

Contribution to the club:
Sally Heron

Most improved cadet:
Kirsten Brown

Promising new cadet:
Martha Treffry

Slow handicap:
Conor H
Fast handicap:
Tony C

Opening regatta:
Peter Tait