Paint roller with paint

Maintenance jobs

FSC work parties Hi All.. it’s that time of the year… but with a covid difference! As we can’t be within 2 meters of each other at present it will make work parties less social, but more flexible as you can do your bit at a time to suit you  rather than on a specific date… as long as it’s by the end of April at the latest, but preferably by 11th April if possible when the first weekend sailing happens.

 This is what needs doing.. all tasks should be achievable by one person in one day or 2 half days (undercoat needs to dry!)

1. Repaint East toilet Emulsion and Gloss
2. Repaint West toilet Emulsion and Gloss
3. Reputty  and External Paint South facing window frames (wire brush, sand  undercoat and gloss to a high standard)
4. Internal paint Race Box Emulsion and Gloss
5. touch up all external brown paint and presently grey steel on verandas with brown. 

All materials will be available.
 Please let the club know what task(s) you would like to do  and when ASAP and subject to first come I’ll get you started (or contact Tony directly).