Work party update

Thanks for a great turnout yesterday.. a pile of jobs completed:- Skirting board by Dennis. Garage barge boards and third coat! on the gable end by Bill. Starting Horn by Erwin. Outside windows Mark and Seb. Race box first coat by The Scarlet team, scrapyard clearance, trailer sort and half the starting pole base by Seb Half inside window priming by the rest of the team … and that was after RYA poached 12 man-hours by moving their meeting into the start of our afternoon session. 

So we are left with….Undercoat half and gloss all of the inside window frames, Second coat emulsion the race box. finish the Start pole base… it’s in the ladies changing room. Clean and Underseal the Gutters to prevent leaks. And I’ll have to reattach the starting triangle that was removed by a wind opened window!
 The materials are all on sites they can be done at any time.
 If anyone would like to take them.. any of them please let me know and I’ll fill you in with details. 

Thanks for great support, Tony Walker