The sailing season has started

On Tuesday and Sunday, we have had the first races of the season.
Tuesday evening we had 3 boats at the start line for a pursuit race, 2 solo’s and the commodore with his new laser helmed by Sebastian. The wind was not strong, but reasonably consistent. The 2 solo’s (Tony & Erwin) started the race going over the start line at the same time, Erwin managed to go round Z (currently marked X) first closely followed by Tony. Tony managed to get passed at some point to loose the advantage fairly soon after. Sebastian and Mark had to wait 5 minutes before they could start, a distance too great to even get close to the front. They used the time wisely to get used to the boat without getting dunked.

On Sunday Bill manned the race officer post, feeling that the weather was still a bit too cold to brave a sail. With Becci, Tony and Erwin at the start the first race was started, only to find Erwin going to the shore to sort the car out. Back on the water, he needed to perform this again and therefore did not manage to start at the starting time. After a delay of about 2 minutes, he started on a catch-up. Becci meanwhile took a decent lead, enough to capsize and get back up before Tony could get close.

All this wasn’t enough when she capsized again, this time Tony managed to get by and take the lead. He managed to keep hold of this to the end. Erwin did get closer but not close enough to overtake Becci.

The second race started close up to the first mark, where Tony managed to slowly gain a further advantage. Becci decided to not start this race, as the wind had picked up a bit and this meant that the risk of constant capsize was significantly increased.