Sailing on the loch and safety

Some members are going down to the Loch on Tuesday evening and Thursday afternoon at present in case others may wish to sail then as well. (We are not meeting)
As folks start to go down again please can they feedback to the club if they feel that we need to do any more with the clubhouse facilities. Towels have been removed and replaced with paper towels, we are waiting for delivery of dispensers, hand sanitisers are in place appropriate notices are up.
The race box has been reassembled without the ceiling and redecoration carried out and we still await the fitting of the new cooker and connection to the external gas supply.
We still have masts in the clubhouse but I see where else to store them unless we take them out to the tattie shed.
Posts have been erected to prevent unauthorised access. The plumbing has been simplified and rerouted and is fully working including the boiler.
The grass is cut but we need a strimmer
Hope to see you soon on the water.