Wishing you a Happy New Year

We hope you have all had a good Christmas and New Year. Although it seems to be heading into the depths of winter the committee is thinking about the 2019 sailing season – looking at winter maintenance tasks and planning the sailing calendar. We hope to have the 2019 programme ready very soon including the new “Sailing ladder” – our version of the squash ladder which we hope will encourage new sailors into racing. We will also be returning to nominated race and safety boat officers on Sundays to support training and races. This will need the support of all club members so we hope everyone will be able to take on some tasks over the year. We are a small club and our success depends on everyone lending a hand in whatever way they can – big or small. 
We are also very pleased to say we now have a new club website and there is more information about this below. We would welcome feedback to help us develop this in the best way for the club.
We look forward to seeing everyone once the season starts and will let you know about pre-season tasks that we would welcome assistance with. Meanwhile, enjoy the winter.