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MarkSetBot Introduces Hit-Mark Penalty System

(from Scuttlebutt Sailing News)
“Hey!  You hit the mark!  Do your turns!” 
“No way, man!  I didn’t hit the mark!” There’s always that one guy on the course who definitely hit the mark, but never wants to take the penalty.  With MarkSetBot SplatterBeta, it’s not a problem anymore! The MarkSetBot team is thrilled to announce its latest race course innovation: a hit-mark penalty system, MarkSetBot Splatter.  Now, you can equip your MarkSetBot buoys with dye pack technology and stop the “did we hit the mark” question for good. Through a sophisticated network of low-latency sensors, MarkSetBot’s hit-mark technology accurately recognizes contact – from a slight brush of the mark to a head-on collision – and with a boom, deploys the dye pack.  Forty-seven ultrasonic nozzles receive sensor inputs 400 times per second and stand ready to punish no matter the location of impact.  Notably, they adjust dynamically to direct the splatter at only the offending boat.  A 360-degree camera add-on records the moment of impact and instantly uploads it to the Wall of Shame. MarkSetBot’s proprietary, non-toxic, biodegradable dye easily washes off fiberglass and sailcloth with a simple water rinse, but it bonds with skin for days.  So, sailors take note.  Let’s see some clean roundings or find your way to a Blue Man Group audition. “When I first pitched MarkSetBot Splatter to the team, our CEO said ‘I love it, but won’t people be upset when we ruin their sails with dye?’  He had a good point.  So I watched a lot of Bill Nye videos, learned the finer points of chemistry and developed our washable dye.  I managed to make it washable on all surfaces except skin,” snickered Jim Thompson, chief engineer of MarkSetBot Splatter. – Full report

New season, (re)new membership

Dear Members,

Following recent government announcements and guidance from RYA Scotland I am delighted to confirm that we expect Club sailing to resume at the beginning of April.

As you would expect there will be some restrictions in place and these will be communicated to all members. We know that these will need to be reviewed continually as the rules and guidance are revised, however we will keep you updated throughout the season.

We would like to invite you to rejoin the Club by completing your membership renewal using the online form and paying by BACS

Membership runs from 1st April to 30th March.

Members are welcome to return their boats to Forfar Loch any time in the next few weeks in line with government travel guidelines.

There will soon be an opportunity for you to offer any further thoughts and suggestions of what you would like from your Club.

I look forward to seeing you all in the coming weeks and enjoying some great sailing this season.

Helen Brown

FSC Commodore

Paint roller with paint

Maintenance jobs

FSC work parties Hi All.. it’s that time of the year… but with a covid difference! As we can’t be within 2 meters of each other at present it will make work parties less social, but more flexible as you can do your bit at a time to suit you  rather than on a specific date… as long as it’s by the end of April at the latest, but preferably by 11th April if possible when the first weekend sailing happens.

 This is what needs doing.. all tasks should be achievable by one person in one day or 2 half days (undercoat needs to dry!)

1. Repaint East toilet Emulsion and Gloss
2. Repaint West toilet Emulsion and Gloss
3. Reputty  and External Paint South facing window frames (wire brush, sand  undercoat and gloss to a high standard)
4. Internal paint Race Box Emulsion and Gloss
5. touch up all external brown paint and presently grey steel on verandas with brown. 

All materials will be available.
 Please let the club know what task(s) you would like to do  and when ASAP and subject to first come I’ll get you started (or contact Tony directly).


The weather starts to get milder, dryer and we start to see some lifting of restrictions. Soon we might be able to get back on the water, even if this is in small groups or families. This means that the clubhouse and jetties are needing attention. We have identified some jobs that need doing, some small, others big. Some of these have been already promised to be done by members, others are still vacant. If you feel that you want to get out of the house and do a bit of manual labour in aid of the club, give us the heads up or contact Tony. He will gladly let you know what can or need to be done.

Website issues

We are back! Some of you might have noticed that the website had issues with the database. We have sorted the database and re-started the website. If you find that there is an issue with any page on our website please let us know.