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AUSC event cancelled

Dear members,

Just to inform you that AUSC has made the difficult decision to cancel/postpone their event next weekend due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Thank you to everyone involved in the preparation and all your offers of help, soup and bakes for the event.

AUSC Commodore, James Chapman, wanted to pass on his thanks from their whole club and the would-be-competitors, for our efforts in preparing to help us host the national championships, everyone was looking forward to the cooking that is remembered very well from the previous event.

Meanwhile, the Committee will continue to monitor the latest government advice and will let you know any further changes or plans relating to club events over the coming weeks due to the coronavirus.
All the best,
FSC Commodore

Weather information

We have a new feature added to the website, a weather prediction widget. You can find this under the ‘about Forfar sailing club’, Weather at Forfar. The top widget will show you the predicted wind direction and speed. If you want to change the wind speed to Miles, km/h, bft etc. click on the speed shown and it will cycle through the options. The same with the temperature between C and F.

The shown history below is more to see the most likely wind direction.

Pursuit race calculator

Every time again when there are different classes racing and there is not a dedicated race officer, the option of racing a pursuit race is presented. As soon as the different classes are recognised and the times are calculated another sailor arrives with another class to be added.
No more frustrations and re-calculations with up to 14 classes to be included in our homegrown app. (Android only) You can select the race time and the slowest boat to see instantly the starting time for all other classes. Enter your own class or update the PY value. If you are interested in this, drop us an email and we get in contact.

Tuesday twilight

Last Tuesday we had a Topper, Solo, Firefly and a Laser on the water. Conor arrived a bit later and decided to ‘just have a sail’. We started on a course E, D, C, F and A where F was to port, all other to starboard. Tony Cook was going well and passing Nick until he had a problem with the main sheet. He manoeuvred into the reeds to re-thread the sheet and found that he had got himself stuck. A bit of arm rowing got him free to pursue the rest of the fleet. Just at the sound of the clock, he managed to get past Erwin before E while Dave was still in front of Nick going between D and C. Not a lot of distance between the 4 boats, and a quick tidy up before the rain started to sputter.

Remember, racing is starting at 6:30. If you want to take part, be ready to launch at 6:25.

Endurance race

Quick update on the endurance race on Saturday. The race will start at 10:00 and finish at 16:00. There will be a BBQ lit for anyone to place their fish. sausages, burgers or other food above hot coals. Currently, we have 1 solo team, a Tony team and other sailors looking to join together for a team. We hope that we can create a junior team as well.

We might have 2 teams from Dundee Sailing club again this year if there are any other sailors out there that would like to join us on Saturday contact us! (We can possibly arrange a boat, depending on the type to use during the day)