Monthly Archives: September 2019

Tuesday twilight

Last Tuesday we had a Topper, Solo, Firefly and a Laser on the water. Conor arrived a bit later and decided to ‘just have a sail’. We started on a course E, D, C, F and A where F was to port, all other to starboard. Tony Cook was going well and passing Nick until he had a problem with the main sheet. He manoeuvred into the reeds to re-thread the sheet and found that he had got himself stuck. A bit of arm rowing got him free to pursue the rest of the fleet. Just at the sound of the clock, he managed to get past Erwin before E while Dave was still in front of Nick going between D and C. Not a lot of distance between the 4 boats, and a quick tidy up before the rain started to sputter.

Remember, racing is starting at 6:30. If you want to take part, be ready to launch at 6:25.

Endurance race

Quick update on the endurance race on Saturday. The race will start at 10:00 and finish at 16:00. There will be a BBQ lit for anyone to place their fish. sausages, burgers or other food above hot coals. Currently, we have 1 solo team, a Tony team and other sailors looking to join together for a team. We hope that we can create a junior team as well.

We might have 2 teams from Dundee Sailing club again this year if there are any other sailors out there that would like to join us on Saturday contact us! (We can possibly arrange a boat, depending on the type to use during the day)