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Phase 1

Dear Members,

I hope that you are well. Following the First Minister’s announcement to move to Phase 1 tomorrow and Angus Alive’s announcement to re-open the car parks at their country parks, I would like to update you on the plans for Forfar Sailing Club.

The committee has put together a plan to follow each of the proposed government stages. Please be assured that our primary consideration continues to be the health and safety of our members. I attach for your information the plan for Phase 1, which will take effect from tomorrow. Please do read through and familiarise yourself with the arrangements.

You will see that there is the opportunity for members to start returning their boats and beginning to sail individually or with another individual/family whilst maintaining physical distancing. Whilst Forfar Loch is a large public space with lots of visitors, it is important that we ensure that the Club is not seen to be encouraging groups of individuals or families to meet at the same time. To assist this, we are asking that you please check the online calendar to confirm a space and email the Club when you intend to visit. The times will be added to the online calendar which can be found on the Club’s website under ‘when do we sail?’

Any members who have a boat stored at the tattie shed should contact Tony Walker directly to arrange access.

If you haven’t already done so, then we would be pleased to receive your membership renewal. For your convenience we would ask that you complete this using the online form and paying by BACS. please remember that we changed out account to the Bank of Scotland at the start of this year so make sure that you use the new details, which are provided on the online form.

This has been a challenging time for everyone and we appreciate your continued support as we take small steps towards restarting our Club activities. We will continue to monitor the Scottish Government’s advice and will advise you of any changes to the arrangements.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the rest of the committee for their support and camaraderie over the last few months. I look forward to seeing you all on the water at some point soon.

All the best,

Helen Brown
FSC Commodore


From the commodore

I hope that you are well. I am sure that like me, you were all eager to hear what, if any, changes would be announced at the end of last week. Unfortunately, whilst England are taking the first steps in lifting restrictions, here in Scotland there has been no change.

As we wait for further announcements, we are continuing to monitor government advice and guidance from RYA Scotland. We are putting together a plan to restart sailing activity in a considerate and conservative way so that we are ready to return to sailing when it is permitted. Our primary consideration will be the health and safety of our members.

Meanwhile, we continue to do what we can and a number of you have been joining in with our virtual racing series. This has proved to be a pleasant distraction once a week, although I suspect that this lockdown will have to continue for some while yet before I consider that I have got the hang of it! Fortunately, some of our members have taken to it rather well and the radio sailors have demonstrated their skills very ably. My thanks to Erwin and Becci Oosterhoorn for setting up and running the sessions each week and also to Tony Walker, who has graciously kept me from finishing last! Plans to host an online quiz are also progressing and we hope to run that soon.

As you will understand, maintenance work at the Clubhouse has been unable to progress over recent weeks. However, with the dry weather that we have had over the last couple of months, the loch is at a very low level and it is an ideal time to carry out some necessary repairs to the pontoons. We have therefore ordered the required materials and plan to carry this work out in a few weeks’ time.

As the restrictions continue, we are all missing our usual activities and look forward to a return to sailing in some form in the near future. Meanwhile, we would love to hear your lockdown news, boat-related or otherwise, or any suggestions for online activities or training.

Stay safe and I hope to be able to see you soon.

Helen Brown
FSC Commodore

Tuesday race

Last Tuesday we welcomed another virtual sailor on the water, Danielle joined the race. There are now 15 sailors from the club and Radio sailors joining into the Tuesday virtual sailing. It’s never too late to add yourself, even if you think that you can’t get anywhere. Some of this week’s responses:

Helen: I want to know Tony’s secret, 10.3 knots!
Tony: I’d like to know as well… and still came last!

Helen: I thought that having the wind sock green was the idea but it doesn’t always seem to be the fastest!
Becci: I find that sometimes as well ->Helen: just like on the water!!!
Tony: Mm there’s a few things like that

During one of the races
And the finish line is in sight, Simon passed already.

Tuesday cup

Sign up, train your skills, join some races against sailors around the world and be ready for our Tuesday series online. If you are not already in the group of sailors please contact us so we can add you. Coming Tuesday will be the start of the series before the first gun there will be a trial run for anyone that wants to settle in and see what the water is like.

Virtual Regatta used for our sailing competition

As we are unable to sail on the water at the moment, we plan to run the first Tuesday series and weekend series using the Virtual Regatta. Some of us had a go last week and, on the whole, most of us managed to get around the course relatively well. Some have clearly had more time to practice than others but I’m sure there are folk out there to give them a good run for their money! The series will start on Tuesday 21st for the first Tuesday series and Sunday 26th for the weekend series. Both will run in the evening and can be raced from the comfort of your own home. The trophies that would usually be awarded for these series will be given for the virtual racing instead so there is all to race for.

Here are some instructions on the Virtual sailing we are going to have while we can’t get onto the real stuff. There is some information from the RYA website, with a link to the rest of the information on there. It is recommended to have a play around before you attempt to sail a race just to prevent yourself from floating around without a clue where to go! 

You don’t need to pay to use Virtual Regatta. It’s as simple as visiting their website from a laptop or PC or downloading the app on a smartphone or iPad and clicking ‘play now’ on either the inshore or offshore game. You can then enter the game and learn how to use it and compete against others all around the world. If you want to compete and keep your score, you’ll need to create a login and a user profile. You also have the option of entering the eSailing World & GBR National Championships.  

We are having a training session this Tuesday from 19:00. Please send Erwin your boat name, or make FSC~virtual a ‘friend’ on the virtual regatta app / download. This allows us to see who is online and to know if we are ready to start. Prior to the start, we will send a race access code to everyone who plans to race. The first race will start at 19:05 to give everyone time to get in and find the start line (experience has shown that this can be the trickiest part!) We plan to run 5 practice races with each subsequent race starting 2 minutes after the last boat crosses the finish line in the previous race. Each race will have the same access code.

When the race has started you are unable to join that race, just wait till the next one. Send me a message if you can. The race should take about 5-8 minutes (I think). If you want to have a telephone conversation about what to do let me know.

We are going to take it very slowly in the first couple of races to show everyone the racecourse. The first session will be a ‘follow the leader’ type, where I will try to let others follow the leading boat just to see where you should go. For this, we will need a form of communication, if email works let me know.

When you enter the race go downwind until you have passed the start line, you should have a committee boat on the right-hand side with lay lines marking the approach to the start line. Count down is 1 minute, penalties result in your boat slowing down for a set amount of time, just keep sailing – no need for a 360.

Contact us for more information, or if you want to have someone talking you through the information or practice.

AUSC event cancelled

Dear members,

Just to inform you that AUSC has made the difficult decision to cancel/postpone their event next weekend due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Thank you to everyone involved in the preparation and all your offers of help, soup and bakes for the event.

AUSC Commodore, James Chapman, wanted to pass on his thanks from their whole club and the would-be-competitors, for our efforts in preparing to help us host the national championships, everyone was looking forward to the cooking that is remembered very well from the previous event.

Meanwhile, the Committee will continue to monitor the latest government advice and will let you know any further changes or plans relating to club events over the coming weeks due to the coronavirus.
All the best,
FSC Commodore