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Race report Sunday 09/06

Time: 14:00:00
OOD: Dennis Burgin
Wind direction and speed:West, 15-18
Handicap race, course: E – starboard,D – starboard,C – starboard,G – port,K -port,A – port

Sunday was a bright and breezy day, ideal for a day on the Loch. Four boats took to the water: Malcolm Heron in his Lazer, David Smith in his Firefly, Sebastian Kimber with crew Martha Treffrey in a Feva and Jonathan Treffrey in Topper.
At the start, Malcolm was first to cross the line followed closely by David. Sebastian was a few seconds behind with Jonathan eventually crossing the line to join the race. The boats proceeded around the course in that order with no changes of position and with increasing distance between each one despite the attempts of some crews to give others an advantage. Sebastian and Martha used the gennaker at every opportunity and in their enthusiasm, they overshot D mark and had to go back, David got tangled up at K and Jonathan mistook the G mark for Z and sailed off in the wrong direction. Malcolm sailed flawlessly to a convincing win. Malcolm and David completed 3 laps with the other two boats finishing 2.

1st Malcolm Heron
2nd David Smith
3rd Sebastian Kimber / Martha Treffrey
4th Jonathan Treffrey

Time: 15:20:00
Handicap race, course: E – starboard,D – starboard,C – starboard,G – port,K -port

The second race was very similar to the first but with everyone making a much better start. There were fewer mistakes being made, the first race practice paying off. Jonathan sailed the correct course and the Feva crew seemed to have better sail control. The wind reduced for the second half of the race making it impossible for David to reduce Malcolm’s lead and the results were the same as the first race but with the fleet staying a little closer together.

1st Malcolm Heron
2nd David Smith
3rd Sebastian Kimber / Martha Treffrey
4th Jonathan Treffrey

Tuesday race report

With a lazy breeze and sunshine at the start, Dave in his Firefly took off first, followed soon by Sally and Eoghan in a Solo. Sally had a good start with Eoghan lagging behind. Only 40 seconds later to be followed by Becci and Erwin in the Enterprise all started by the whistle from Malcolm to start last in his Laser.
Due to the late start of Eoghan, Becci managed to pass him soon after the start, while Sally was gaining on Dave rapidly.
Not long after the first lap had gone around C, did she manage to overtake Dave. Meanwhile, Malcolm was in pursuit and crept passed Eoghan and Becci. Sally at the front was fighting to keep the lead, especially when Dave was getting some good wind and speeding past, only to overshoot K. All ground gained was wasted while he had to turn back to pass K.
Eoghan managed to get himself a good lift coming through the channel and got him inside Becci to take the 4th spot when the time had run out. Malcolm did not manage to get close enough to Dave and Sally, although with 5 more minutes who knows?

Tuesday race 2.1

Pursuit race, course: G – port, K -port, F – starboard, C – starboard, A – starboard

The wind eased a bit after the boats took to the water but everyone had a good start. The Solo’s first, followed by the enterprise and at last the Laser. The Solo’s managed to keep together closely followed by Malcolm and Becci. With some boats trying to change the pattern by taking a different tack it was not always easy to determine who would be arriving at a mark first. Plenty of tactical sailing up to a mark and shouts of ‘water’, pushing boats out while trying to overtake etc. meant that the race was exciting from start to finish. Only in the last lap, where Tony missed a mark and had to return did we started to see some distance between each boat. Becci called ‘water’ at G to get space from Nick only to lose the advantage by drifting into the mark (i swear the mark is magnetic).
A good night of sailing was had.

Results: 1. Malcolm, 2. Nick, 3. Becci, 4. Sally, 5. Tony W

Opening regatta race report

The Forfar Sailing Club Opening regatta took place on Sunday 28th April and saw 9 boats on the water, including 3 lasers, a laser 2, a laser radial, a Solo, an Enterprise, a 420 (being sailed single handed) and a 29er.

The wind for the first race was very light and very variable, starting Easterly and varying dramatically round the compass. This made the race a great challenge for all, and resulted in a great deal of overtaking when some sailors found holes in the wind, and others found exclusive breeze.

A course of Z, D, C, A was set by the race officer, in the hope that the course would avoid the dead spots on the loch.

No-one was over the line at the start of the first race, but the wind was so light that collisions were inevitable and several boats did penalty turns after accidentally touching another boat. Tony Cook (laser) and Susie Sturrock (29er), with crew Eoghan Ooosterhoorn, made it to the first mark of the course in front of the rest of the fleet. The solo of Tony Walker then came from right at the back of the field and joined the front line. Shortly afterwards the fleet split into 2 packs, with the lasers, solo, laser 2 and 29er in the front group, with the 420, laser radial and Enterprise in the second pack. The wind picked up a little from the East and the solo got the breeze first, followed by the laser of Malcolm Heron. These two made it to the second mark of the course before everyone else. After creeping slowly through the gap the solo lost the wind and came to a stop, which allowed Malcolm Heron and Susie’s 29er to slowly overtake. Malcolm took line honours, followed by the 29er, the solo and Peter Tait, also in a laser.

On handicap the places were Tony Walker 1, Malcolm Heron 2, Peter Tait 3.

The wind picked up after lunch and the breeze was much more consistent for the second race. No-one was over the line for the start and the laser 2, 420 (single handed!) and 29er all deployed their spinnaker, which was a great sight to see. This race was more fun for all concerned and, after 3 laps, the results were Tony Cook 1, Tony Walker 2, Peter Tait 3.

The third race had a more troubled start with the lasers of Tony Cook and Peter Tait over the line. The enterprise of Becci Oosterhoorn took the lead, ahead of Malcolm, the laser 2 and Peter. The wind slowly dropped during the race and some of the finishes were very close. The result on handicap was Malcolm 1, Becci 2, Peter 3.

The overall result over the three races, with 1 discard, was Malcolm 1, Tony Walker 2, Tony Cook 3.

A great day was had by all, with sunshine, soup, cakes and an osprey all adding to the fun.